Professionally pruned, expertly shaped

Pruning is essential to control not only the size and shape of a plant but also the quality and proliferation of flowers and fruit. It is crucial to prune plants at the correct time of year to ensure they respond positively and their growth is not adversely affected. Topiary involves a high level of skill to create and maintain the desired shape for a plant and whether you are looking to plant some new topiary specimens or require the maintenance of existing plants, we will be able to help.

Chantry Green provides a specialist pruning service for a wide range of ornamental trees, shrubs, climbers and topiary. Please contact us for further information about the services we offer.

Wisteria pruning

The difference between a well-pruned Wisteria and one that has been left to run riot can be striking, so it is vital they are kept under control with a regular pruning regime. Wisteria should be pruned twice a year; once in mid-winter and then again in mid-summer. This careful pruning encourages the production of more flowering spurs to ensure spectacular results each spring. We have a lot of experience with pruning Wisteria, from rescuing old, neglected specimens to the careful formative pruning of new young plants.

Fruit tree pruning

Apple and pear trees have been grown for centuries to provide fruit and there are now a huge number of varieties and cultivars available to the gardener. Both fruit trees are incredibly versatile when it comes to pruning and can be trained into a wide range of shapes and styles, such as espalier, fan and cordon. Of course, it is hard to beat a beautifully shaped standard apple or pear tree and Chantry Green will be glad to help you make the most of your tree, whatever the shape.

Japanese Maple pruning

Japanese maples are amongst some of the most beautiful small trees, providing unrivalled colour and leaf shape to the garden. Every Japanese maple is different and what may be considered the 'right' shape for one, may not be suitable for another, so it is very important to ensure they are pruned correctly, as they can be slow to recover from insensitive pruning. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise will ensure each tree is pruned to emphasize its individual beauty.

The plants mentioned above are amongst those we are most often asked to care for and there simply isn't enough space to mention all of the trees, shrubs and climbers that would benefit from our specialist pruning. Please contact us to discuss your pruning requirements.