Planting with care and attention

It is so important to ensure new plants are correctly planted, whether they are large or small. Chantry Green will plant your plants to the highest standards, incorporating mycorrhizal fungi to generate strong root growth and the appropriate high-quality planting composts and fertiliser.

Newly planted plants can struggle to become established when there is a lack of water during their first growing season. If you are uncertain how often to water or when, we can also install a watering system to provide your plants with water when necessary, whilst at the same time giving you peace of mind and a chance to relax in the garden.

Until they are properly established in their new environment, trees will require staking to ensure they don't suffer from 'root-rock', where excessive movement of the upper part of the tree causes the newly forming roots to break. For aesthetic purposes, it is possible to install hidden rootball anchors underground which do away with the need for the traditional methods of staking.

We are confident in our planting skills and experience and so all plants supplied and planted by Chantry Green come with a one year guarantee. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.