Advice, ideas and inspiration

Whether you need some ideas for a neglected corner, advice about an ailing plant you are concerned about or would like to know how to look after the plants in your garden, we can help.

Quite often, your garden doesn't need a complete re-design and would benefit from the introduction of some new plants to change the dynamic and alter the feel of the space. From recommending suitable plants, to their supply and planting, Chantry Green can act as your guide from start to finish and ensure you achieve exactly what you wished for.

If you simply have a long list of garden-related questions that you would like answered, then we can arrange a visit at a convenient time to discuss your concerns in detail. Occasionally, customers are keen to carry out garden tasks themselves with plenty of enthusiasm but are uncertain what to do and when. Again, we can arrange a visit to your garden to guide you, offering encouragement and advice to help you fulfil your potential as a gardener.

Whatever your query, please contact us to see how we can help.